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The professional talents of this unique man read like a show business career choice list: creator, writer, producer, director, manager, host, impersonator, dancer, comedian, contestant, actor, model and performer.

Mark Anthony DiBello began his career at age 8, modeling in print advertisements.

As a teenager, just as in entertainment, in athletics, Mark honed his gifted skills.
He dedicated himself to sport as an All-State 4-sport athlete.  He developed pro potential
with the collegiate football National Champion University of Miami Hurricanes. There,
he earned a BA in communications and drama.

As a young adult, Mark did runway and casual modeling along with some print work. He focused on acting, appearing in commercials for Molson, Seagram's, Nike, Quaker and others. In the off-season, a self-represented Mark garnered himself gigs traveling the US as a product spokesperson; hosting a wide-range of special events; and his own cable-access game show.

In the ultimate 80's, Mark continued acting by regularly appearing on the series Miami Vice.

Apart from show business, Mark was involved in all aspects of his family's publishing business. The publicly held Hospital Newspapers Group afforded him the salesmanship, marketing, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills genetically bequeathed by his rags-to-riches father.

Back in entertainment, Mark's sense of humor landed him jobs emceeing the renowned spring break events of Fort Lauderdale. Simultaneously, he appeared in vast “Sexiest Man” and “Best Body” contests. Behind the scenes, Mark did production assistant and public relations work on “Vice” and Florida-based films like: The Revenge of the Nerds II.

The 90's began with performances at select Florida stand-up comedy venues. As well, Mark Anthony performed live and in an array of classy videos as a “Chippendale” dancer. As an offshoot of the staged shows, Mark Anthony created an impersonation show of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler (replete with lip-synching, choreography, and wardrobe).

In the late ‘90’s, Mark Anthony scored big with enlightening appearances on Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right, miraculously winning cars on both. In conjunction, he has produced and hosted televised and theatrical segments for a “contestant search ministry” called TVTrips; featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, National Enquirer TV and EXTRA. This ministry has netted financial and promotional help for renowned national and international churches and charities.

At the start of 2000, with the onslaught of “reality” shows; Mark Anthony's featured past appearances on the talk shows Geraldo, Bertice Berry, Gordon Elliott, and later appearances on Moral Court, Blind Date, Blind Date All-Stars, Style Court, Judge David Young, 1 vs. 100, The Price is Right Live, The Big Match, The Tyra Banks Show, Wipeout, Reality-Obsessed, La La Land and Divorce Court -"Before the Vows" combined his comedic improvisational skills with his charismatic and inspirational mission. It also presented him the opportunity to cast and co-produce segments of some of the telecasts.

In the coming 2010 decade, Mark Anthony seeks to complete filming on his low-budget, independent feature: Lots of Promise (adapted from his book). He’s producing, directing, and acting in his screenplay. He’s also scribed the movie Father Joe (another self-adaptation from a poetic ode). He’s also penning or developing the films: The Motorcade, The King is Dead, The Underdog, and Lili is Lost; as well as his “life’s dream”: a novel and big-budget, epic film entitled: The Archangel.

Additionally, he's created a slate of reality shows: “The Contestants,” “The Gambler,” “The Sport of Kings” and “A Day at the Races” ; as well as a documentary called “Reunion”; an NFL commercial entitled: “A Game for the Ages”; a cartoon strip/series/ministry called “10 Cool Things”; a TV “sitcom” called “Dum Bells”; an animated series called “Manimal”; a dramatic series entitled “Heaven Sent”; and “Party Boy(s)”; a game show, and lastly, an exercise/diet video.

Diversely, Mark Anthony has even invented a “Monopoly-type” board game designed for gaming parlors he wishes to establish. He has also concocted a restaurant/food truck concept: “Father Nature’s®”. As well, he seeks to construct his “God’s Pod’s®” urban centers; and he looks to promote his marketing plan for ServiceMaster®, the top cleaning company in the world; and market a never-before-seen clothing line: “Common Threads®”. Finally, he continues his work as a Master Strategist for the NFL®, and major sports, with his “NFL-ESP [Extended Strategic Principles]” program; and as a “racehorse whisperer”/ strategist with the National Thoroughbred Racing Association®. In addition, he's written a number of poems; songs; essays; blogs and a newsletter “Good News®”, Mark Anthony has also developed Literally Written® (a film literacy program).  He is also an accredited media member.

My other interests include: the love of animals and nature; preaching, meditation, and time spent alone in Christian peace.
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God Lots of Promise Television The Archangel Projects TV Trips
Home Biography Video Blog Photo Gallery Audio
God Lots of Promise Television The Archangel Projects TV Trips
CONTACT:  Phone: 310-717-2440   E-Mail:© 2010 Mark Anthony DiBello.   All Rights Reserved.
Link to  Production Resume and Performance Resume
Please click here to print Mark Anthony DiBello's Production Resume and Performance Resume
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