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God Lots of Promise Television The Archangel Projects TV Trips
Home Biography Video Blog Photo Gallery Audio
God Lots of Promise Television The Archangel Projects TV Trips
The TOP 22 Movies of My Life

*Lots of Promise
Saturday Night Fever
St. Elmo's Fire
The Graduate
Legends of the Fall
Magic Mike
*Father Joe
The Last Temptation of Christ
Leap of Faith
Cast Away
Quiz Show
*The Archangel
The Shawshank Redemption
City of Angels
Leaving Las Vegas

*Written by
Mark Anthony DiBello

The TOP 11 People/Beings
I Would Love to Have Met
(*May have met)

Jesus Christ—My God
*Michael—My Angel
Adam—My Man
Eve—My Woman
Noah—My Captain
John the Baptist—My Baptizer
King David—My Underdog
Elvis Presley—My Entertainer
Abraham Lincoln—My President
Howard Hughes—My Money Man
*Secretariat—My Boy

Oscar Madison and Felix Unger:
Oscar was my childhood idol apart from any sports figures. I wanted to be a reporter and was definitely sloppy. My brother was a Felix-like neat freak and my father would become a carbon-copy of Felix.

Vinny Chase: In my “party” days with my own “Entourage” and then “show biz” days; I would say native New Yorker Vinny and I had a lot in common.

Tony Soprano: Before this show aired, I had the idea for a drama just like it.  As an Italian whose had experience with crime, I can appreciate any man; as the eldest in my family, who heads a family and led a criminal life.

Bill Henrickson: My beloved Bill was a more perfected image of my earthly father; whose character taught me a lot about “Heavenly Father”; and who is the husband I have either dreamt about, fantasized or envied becoming.

J.R. and Bobby Ewing: I or my father could’ve been J.R. and my brother or I, Bobby; surely not as wealthy, but definitely privileged with a family dynamic which would become more and more consistently similar.

Sid Fairgate: I never saw the original series, “Knots Landing”; I habitually watched re-runs and was shocked and saddened when Sid died. I really loved watching him.

Jerry, George and Kramer: I can identify with all three and have lived the lives of all three from time-to-time and can truthfully write that I have experienced 80% of the "Seinfeld" show’s story-lines.

IF I WERE A ___; I'D BE ___. 
NFL QB: Vinny Testaverde
Actor: Matthew McConaughey
Rock Star: Steven Tyler
Comedian: Robin Williams
Talk Host: David Letterman
TV Producer: Mark Burnett
Politician: Donald Trump
Pope: Pope Augustine

MY FAVORITE FOODS/MEALS [*Before becoming Vegetarian]
-Homemade: *Cube Steak by mother "Lots."; spaghetti, in Mechanicville, NY, by grandmother, "Scetti-Mama" and Aunt Babe [and "Italian" cookies] strawberry jelly by "Buffer"; BBQ sauce by Aunt Mary., "Mabis."
-Bread: Italian, Bella Napoli Bakery, Troy, NY or popovers, Anthony's Pier IV, Boston,, MA.
-Pizza: My Pie, Miami, FL, or Lou Malnati's, Chicago, IL.
-*Seafood:  Captain Jack's, Wakefield, RI or Gene's Fish Fry, Rensselaer, NY.
-*Fried Chicken: Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga Springs, NY.
-Milkshake: Vanilla; Friendly Fribble or Mel O's, Los Angeles, CA.
-Waffles: Waffle House or Belgian Waffles.
-Cookies: Icebox, Golden Krust Bakery, Troy, NY; or Chocolate Chip, Freihofer's Bakery, Albany, NY.
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