TELEVISION (commercial list available upon request)

Dr. Phil                                                                  Guest                                                                  CBS TV, Stage Twenty Productions, Host: Dr. Phil McGraw
​Trump Rally                                                           Interviewed                                                         Newsy, Las Vegas; Shira Tarlo, Reporter
Face the Truth                                                       Presenter                                                            CBS TV/Stage Twenty-Nine Productions, Ex. Prod: Dr. Phil McGraw/Host: Vivica A. Fox
“Saratoga” (2 episodes)                                        Guest-Man on the Street                                    ABC, WTEN, Channel 10/Host: Steve Caporizzo
The Freddie Coleman Show                                  Guest Caller                                                       ESPN News, ESPN Radio/Host: Freddie Coleman
Divorce Court (2 episodes)                                    Special Guest Litigant                                        20th Century Fox, Monet Lane Productions
In Touch Ministries                                                 Testimonial                                                         In Touch Ministries/Pastor Dr. Charles F. Stanley
La La Land (US, England)                                     Guest (Networking Consultant)                          Showtime Networks, Inc., BBC Three, BBC Morning Breakfast
Wipeout                                                                 Contestant                                                          ABC, Endemol Productions
Wheel of Fortune – 3000th Ep.                             Contestant (winner $50,000+)                            King World Syndication/Host: Pat Sajak
The Big Match                                                       Contestant                                                          Lifetime Television, Quay St. Productions/Host: Cat Deeley
Reality Obsessed                                                  Special Guest                                                     Peace Point Entertainment Group
1 vs. 100 “Mob” Member                                       Contestant (4 episodes-winner $1,250)             NBC, Endemol Productions/Host: Bob Saget
Judge David Young                                               Questioner                                                          Sony / Producer: Michael Rourke
NFL Super Bowl Commercial                                Commercial Contestant                                      NFL Network
"Game Show School"                                            Host                                                                    KCBS-2, LA, “Our Man Mike”/Host: Mike Castellucci
"Game Showcase"                                                 Host                                                                    ABC-7, Chicago
Moral Court                                                           The Accused                                                       Stu Billett Prods./Host: Larry Elder
"TV Game Shows"                                                 Host                                                                    EXTRA TV/Host: Dayna Devon
"Becoming a Winning Contestant"                         Host                                                                    Blue Dot Prod./National Enquirer TV
"Game Show Success"                                          Host                                                                    NBC 4 "Today in LA"
"Blind Date"" "All-Stars" (3 episodes)                    Featured Guest                                                   Bobwell Prod./Host: Roger Lodge
Style Court                                                             The Defendant                                                   Tomkins and Young. Productions/Host: Henry Roth
Everybody Nose                                                     Interviewed                                                        Veria Network
The Scoop "Reality TV Program"                          Featured Guest                                                   WNYT Albany, NY/Host: Jay Bobbin
Winning Lines                                                        Contestant                                                          Celador Productions/CBS TV Host: Dick Clark
The Wheel of Fortune (2 episodes)                       Contestant (winner $50,000+)                            King World Syndication/Host: Pat Sajak
The Price is Right (7 episodes)                             Contestant , Featured (winner $15,000+)           Goodson Productions / CBS Host: Bob Barker
NY OTB  (2 episodes)                                           Featured Guest/Promoter                                   New York Off Track Betting Network-Horse Racing
Chippendale-type videos                                       Dancer                                                                Independent Distribution
Interview (Geraldo)                                                Featured Guest                                                   WVIT TV - Hartford, CT.
Geraldo "Men Who Are God's Gifts"                      Featured Guest                                                   Host: Geraldo Rivera
The Gordon Elliott Show "Gigolos"                        Featured Guest                                                   Host: Gordon Elliott
The Bertice Berry Show "Couples"                        Special Guest                                                      Co-Exec. Prod/Host: Bertice Berry
Miami Vice                                                             Special Extra (5+episodes)                                 Dee Miller Casting
The Superstars                                                      Interviewer                                                           ABC Television/ Guest: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Lots of Promise                                                     Lead Character                                                   Super 16mm, 30 min. short film
The Unholy                                                           "Bystander"                                                          Director: Camilo Vila
Revenge of the Nerds II                                       "Cool Guy"                                                           Exec. Prod./Director: Joe Roth

The Big Idea                                                         Contestant                                                           ZDTV.COM / Host: Mark L. Walberg
Sportswizer                                                           Special Guest                                            

The Price is Right Live (2 episodes)                    Contestant (2x winner $700+)                             Bally’s Hotel, Atlantic City and Las Vegas
The Passion Play (2 Seasons)                             Lead: Jesus Christ / Co-Director                         St. Augustine's Church, Culver City, CA
Aerosmith Impersonation Show                           Impersonator: Steven Tyler                                 Creator of road show (NY, FL, VA, DC)
"Best Body" Contests                                           Contestant                                                           Nationwide shows (USA)
Spring Break Festivities                                       Emcee                                                                  Penrods, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Stand-Up Comedy                                               Stand-Up Comedian                                             Coconuts, Coconut Grove, FL - Haggarties, Boca Raton, FL
"Face of the 80's"                                                 Modeling Competition Finalist                              Coconut Grove Hotel, Florida

University Promotions                                          Narrator                                                               Nationwide promotional campaign
Therapy Rockers Inc.                                           Spokesperson                                                     National promotional campaign (USA)

RADIO (many others available upon request)
KABC "The Larry Elder Show"                             Featured Guest                                                   Host: Larry Elder

Bachelor of Arts: Communications (Television Broadcasting and Drama) University of Miami, Florida, West LA Community College-(TV Production)
U. Miami Football Alumnus (Receiver, QB); Hudson Valley C.C. Baseball Alumnus, basketball, weight-training, tennis, volleyball, soccer, cycling, driving-motorcycling, racquetball, golf, aerobics, archery-shooting, horseback riding, body boarding, wave-running, swimming, dancing, Christian preaching
Mark Anthony DiBello
Contestant - Host- Model- Entertainer-Comedian
Los Angeles, CA. - Las Vegas, NV.  - Saratoga, NY. - Miami, FL. 
E-Mail:   PHONE: 310-817-0160
​Height: 6'2"      Weight: 220      Hair: Brown      Eyes: Brown      
CONTACT:  Phone: 310-817-0160   E-Mail: © DiBello Production Co. Inc. - 501 (c] [3] nonprofit
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