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God bless and forgive me.  I am DiBello.   

​​Valentino, Casanova, Romeo, Don Juan and even King Solomon, with his 700 wives and 300 concubines; ​I confess, and regret, were all heroes of mine, for some ungodly [and godly] reason.  

​Truly, I have loved and have been with and known at least 1,000 women.

​​To begin, I adored my mother; and if she knew I have been with that many women; she would be ashamed.  Forgive me, "Lots." 
​I also adore my father; and if my father knew I have been with that many women; he too, would be ashamed of me.  Sorry, Dad. 

​In truth, I chased and played with at least that many women because it brings out both the animal and actually the athlete in me.
At times, I captured and collected women as if I were a predator seeking prey; and other times, I conquered and competed for sport.

​​In the end, I am writing, the book, "The Womanizer," not for fame or fortune; nor for praise or out of pride; nor to boast or brag;
​but simply for the record and ​research; and the autobiographical and altruistic reason of remembering my life and confessing my sin.

"The Womanizer"

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