The Archangel is a 284-page E-book, 467-page paperback novel and screenplay.
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106-pg, 120-pg and 300-pg [mini-series]
As noted, periodically, I was guided to listen to music while writing. Yet, one then unknown symphony seemed to match the scenes perfectly. Later, I would miraculously learn the piece was composed in 1926 and entitled, “Saint Michael the Archangel.”

Please listen and watch some of the final spec and unedited final scenes: Final Scenes
The Archangel proposed soundtrack and descriptions of the accompanying scenes:

1. Hallelujah: Film opening with Michael and Maggie
2. The Other Side: Rev. Mark training on treadmill
3. Flood:  Michael returns from track and Noah scenes
4. Stealin’: Michael comes to life in a rowboat
5. Lightning Crashes: Maggie in the abortion clinic
6. Trying to Get to You: Music plays from ladybug radio
7. Bridge over Troubled Water: Music in religious shop
8. Swing Down Sweet Chariot: Izzy & Zeke in tow truck
9. Without Love: Aunt Mary Frances sings
10. *UCA Life in God Theme Song: Michael's Born Again
11. If I Can Dream: Church and PREQUEL CLOSING CREDITS
12. Promised Land: Michael arrives at the airport
13. St. Michael the Archangel: Final Scene
14. The Impossible Dream: SEQUEL CLOSING CREDITS
*Not available ​

Mankind needs a Savior... The Archangel
As noted, additionally, The Lord instructed me that the film could be uniquely released as a drama [minus the final climatic scene] on Good Friday and then re-released, as a dramatic “action-adventure,” with the final scene included, as a summer blockbuster; in which this song
would play over the CLOSING CREDITS
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