The Archangel was written in 2000 over 40-days and 40-weeks of privacy, prayer and prophecy.

It consists of climactic final scenes that The Lord Himself had taking place in Denver and at the airport. Truthfully, at the time, I had never researched the city or Denver International Airport. However, from 2011-2012 many spiritual signs began and still appear to me that either confirm the script I wrote for God was purely prophetic and/or now is the time God wants it produced and made.

As you may see, miraculously and virtually unbelievably; the scenes written uniquely and perfectly mirror the official website photos released by the airport, the only one built in the USA in the last 25+ years.

Please read and watch some of the final [“storyboard”] scenes: Storyboard Final Scenes

The Archangel is a 284-page E-book; 467-page paperback novel and screenplay.
Download: Book Chapter Outline - Book/Film Synopsis - Promo "One-Sheet"    - Hollywood Reporter Ad
Download: Copyrighted, WGA-registered scripts: 99-pg,
106-pg,118-pgand 300-pg [mini-series]
In addition, periodically, I listened to instrumental music while writing; one unknown symphony matched the scenes perfectly. Later, I miraculously learned it was composed in 1926 and entitled “Saint Michael the Archangel.”  Please listen to the entire prospective Soundtrack
and watch some of the final spec and unedited final scenes: Final Scenes
As noted, since 2011, I have prophetically witnessed and received many signs from God which I believe signals now is the time  He wants the The Archangel produced or made.

Please read some of the 200+ signs I have received and recorded here: Script Signs
I also envisioned certain actors and personalities in certain roles. Some, I believe, are spiritually-discerned; others for marketing purposes; and others because they are believers.

Please read a prospective cast list which includes the proposed marketing concept and idea that the Academy of Arts and Sciences present an Academy Award for casting. Cast List
Additionally, The Lord has instructed me that the film could be uniquely released as a drama [minus the final climatic scene] on Good Friday and then re-released, as a dramatic “action-adventure,” with the final scene included, as a summer blockbuster.
Mankind needs a Savior... The Archangel
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