The Gambler​-Game Show Edition                                            Show Runner / Associate Producer                                   DiBello Production Company, Inc.
The Gambler​                                                                              Creator / Producer / Writer / Director                                 DiBello Production Company, Inc.
AQT-The American Q-Tec Show                                               Creator / Producer / Writer / Director                                 DiBello Production Company, Inc.
ABT-The American Bike and Trike Show                                  Creator / Show Runner                                                      DiBello Production Company, Inc.
​Summer at Saratoga                                                                  Segment Creative Producer                                             NBC Sports/Carr-Hughes Productions
NFL Pizza “Hut, Hut, Hut” Contest                                             Creator / Producer / Writer                                      
Pawn Stars                                                                                 Segment Creative Producer                                             The History Channel/Leftfield Pictures
Luck                                                                                            Creative Promo Producer                                                 HBO/Exec. Prod: Michael Mann
“The Doritos Bandito” Commercial                                             Exec. Prod. / Producer / Writer / Director                         Doritos/ Crash the Super Bowl
NFL Super Ad Contest Promo                                                    Creator / Producer / Writer                                               NFL / FOX, CBS national release
The 700 Club (War coverage)                                                     Asst. to News Producer                                                   CBN News/News Dir: Michael Patrick
Blind Date (3 episodes)                                                              Asst. to Field Producer                                                     Bobwell / Prod: Brent Montgomery
"Game Show School"                                                                 Segment Co-Producer                                                      KCBS-2, LA/Prod: Mike Castellucci
"Game Showcase"                                                                      Segment Co-Producer                                                      ABC-7, Chicago/Prod: Janet Davies
"TV Game Shows"                                                                      Segment Co-Producer                                                      EXTRA TV/Prod: Larry Ish
"Becoming a Winning Contestant"                                             Segment Co-Producer                                                      National Enquirer TV/Blue Dot Prods.
"Today in LA"                                                                              Segment Co-Producer                                                      NBC 4/Prod: Carol Morton
Geraldo "Men who are God's Gifts..."                                         Asst. to Producer / Talent Mgmt.                                      Prod: Cindy Wolfman
Gordon Elliott Show  "Gigolos"                                                   Asst. to Producer                                                               Prod: Daniel Silver
Bertice Berry Show  "Relationships"                                           Asst. to Producer                                                              Co-Exec. Prod: Bertice Berry
Chippendale-type videos                                                            Coordinating Producer                                                      Independent Distribution
The Restaurant Game Show                                                       Associate Producer                                                          Albany County, NY, Cable Access TV


Lots of Promise                                                                          Exec. Prod./Producer/Writer/Director                                Super 16mm, 30 min. short film

(others available upon request)                                                          Creator/Producer                                                               Internet Web Site                                                        Creator/Producer                                                               Internet Web Site                                                                    Creator/Producer                                                               Internet Web Site​,,                        Creator/Producer                                                               Internet Web Site                                               Creator / Producer                                                             Internet Web Site​


Lots of Promise                                                                          Director                                                                              Super 16mm, 30 min. short film
The Passion Play (1998, 1999)                                                 Asst. Director                                                                     St. Augustine's - Culver City, CA.

The Archangel                                                                           Screenwriter                                                                       Feature film spec script (and novel)
Lots of Promise                                                                         Screenwriter                                                                       Feature film spec script (and book)
Father Joe                                                                                 Screenwriter                                                                       Feature film spec script

Aerosmith Impersonation Show                                                Creator                                                                               Road Production (NY, FL, VA, DC)
Spring Break Shows Games & Events                                     Creator/Coordinator                                                            Penrods - Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

ServiceMASTER Inc.                                                                Promotional Director                                                         National Promotion (USA)
Therapy Rockers Inc.                                                                Promotional Director                                                         National Promotion (USA)

Dr. Phil​                                                                                     Contestant Management                                                    CBS TV / Stage Twenty Productions
Wheel of Fortune                                                                     Contestant Management                                                     King World / Prod: Harry Friedman
The Price is Right                                                                    Contestant Management                                                    Goodson/CBS/Prod: Roger Dobkowitz
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire                                                Contestant Management                                                   Celador Productions / ABC TV
"The Larry Elder Show"                                                            Talent Coordinator                                                             KABC Radio/Prog.Dir: Erik Braverman
Style Court                                                                               Contestant Management                                                    Tomlin+Young Productions
Moral Court                                                                              Contestant Management                                                    Stu Billett Prods. / Ex. Prod: Stu Billett
Greed                                                                                       Contestant Management                                                    Dick Clark Productions / Fox TV

Hudson Valley CC. / Bachelor of Arts: Communications (Television Broadcasting and Drama) - University of Miami, Florida / West LA CC. (TV Production)

Mark Anthony DiBello
Producer - Creator - Writer - Director - Show Runner
Los Angeles, CA. -  San Diego, CA.  - Las Vegas, NV. -  Saratoga, NY. - Miami, FL. - Tampa, FL.
​    E-Mail:      PHONE: 310-817-0160
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