This page features news and commentary...

And my premiere and first comment is this...

As one who works, attempts, and believes my comments come from a godly perspective or God Himself; and are solely based on the truth, righteousness, godly judgment, positivity, love, life, and service to mankind...

...I looked at the "scoring" of a comment I made that rated, "likes" and "dislikes" with a thumbs up and a thumbs down.

I immediately actually counted the general public who voted negatively against my comments as my "team's" score or the winning score vs. those who agreed with me, or "liked" my newsworthy comment; thinking, truthfully, most people disagree with God and don't truly know Him...

...Then I figured that the number of those who "liked" or did agree with my prayerfully godly perspective or comment; may well be godly people who seek the characteristics, I opened this statement with; those of truth, love, life, etc....

...Now, I realize and "the news too me" is: that regardless of the voting and public opinion of "likes" and "dislikes"; God Himself agrees with me and that makes me a "winner" no matter what the tally or "score."  And that in fact, both numbers; those "for" and those "against," are a good indicator that I, as a reporter of the news, have done a good job because the only opinion that truly matters is God's...

...And the only news report and commentary that truly matters is the Good News.

Thank you, God bless you, and I love you...

Mark Anthony DiBello


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