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The Categories Championship event/game/program, we custom organize for each church, charity, college, club, competitor or company.  It features between 4-and-200 entrants or contestants, typically divided into 4 teams, with the game/program lasting 1-hour, or a version lasting 2-hours.  ​Anyone [Ages 13+] may play this enlightening, educational, and entertaining team-building or enjoyable event. 

The 10 simple "ask and answer" questions, per game, revolve around research done for each client.
[For example: say you own a cruise line and have a ship full of members of PETA. We ask easy-to-answer questions referencing the cruise line, or PETA, or both].  The event may be held at any interior or exterior location.  We even organize it for play at churches, centers, campuses, sports venues, clubs, offices and for play at any organized event like weddings, reunions, or other gatherings.

The Categories Championship is emceed by veteran reality and game show personality and producer, Mark Anthony DiBello, “The Minister of Reality TV,” and “King of Reality TV,” who has worked on close to 40 reality and game shows.  Clients may also request we videotape the event as we are also developing a "Categories Championship" gameshow and offering syndication around the country.

​​ The production could be crewed by as few as the host, himself, his co-host, or a cast and crew up to eight; with the production costs being very low-scaled, or high-end, depending on your budget.

If you have any further interest; you may contact us for further information at:

​​Thank you.

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