Mark Anthony DiBello - Football Player
[Featuring select clips from
"Lots of Promise"]
Mark Anthony DiBello - University of Miami Football Player 
     [Featuring select clips from "Lots of Promise"]
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Mark's birth is chronicled in a  photo album...

    Mark wanders from the yard and nears a cliff...

A montage features the family  vehicles...

    Highlights of Mark's high school football season...

      Mark enters the college party-life and culture...

       Mark acts and dances in a school talent show...

    Mark plays one of his mother's favorite songs...

      Dorothy "Lots" DiBello loses....

     Mark and his girlfriend live life in the fast lane...

 At the school bar, Mark is the BMOC...

    Mark works and trains to keep a promise...

​Closing Credits​

Lots of Promise is the true story of a God-gifted, comedic,
athlete who must keep a trio of promises to his mother.

"Lots of Promise"
                        "Lots of Promise"                    
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