The TOP 30 Movies of My Life

*Lots of Promise
Saturday Night Fever
The Natural​
St. Elmo's Fire
The Graduate
Legends of the Fall
Magic Mike
*Father Joe
The Last Temptation of Christ
Leap of Faith
Cast Away
Quiz Show
*The Archangel
The Shawshank Redemption
City of Angels
Leaving Las Vegas
American Hustle
The Usual Suspects​
A Star is Born​​
The Godfather
The Godfather Part II​​

*Written by
Mark Anthony DiBello

The TOP 12 People/Beings
I Would Love to Have Met
(*May have met)

Jesus Christ—My Prophet
*Michael—My Angel
Adam—My Man
Eve—My Woman
Noah—My Captain
John the Baptist—My Baptizer
King David—My Underdog
Elvis Presley—My Entertainer
Abraham Lincoln—My President
Howard Hughes—My Money Man
Babe Ruth-My Ballplayer​
*Secretariat—My Boy

Oscar Madison and Felix Unger:
Oscar was my childhood idol apart from any sports figures. I wanted to be a reporter and was definitely sloppy. My brother was a Felix-like neat freak and my father would become a carbon-copy of Felix.

Vinny Chase: In my “party” days with my own “Entourage” and then “show biz” days; I would say handsome and free-wheeling, native New Yorker Vinny and I had a lot in common

Bill Henrickson: My beloved Bill was a more perfected image of my earthly father; whose character taught me a lot about “Heavenly Father”; and who is the husband I have either dreamt about, fantasized, or envied becoming.

Tony Soprano: Before this show aired, I had the idea for a drama just like it.  As an Italian whose had experience with crime, I can appreciate any man; as the eldest in my family, who lovingly heads a family and still led a criminal life.

J.R. and Bobby Ewing: I, or especially my father, could’ve been J.R. and my brother, or I, Bobby; surely not as wealthy, but definitely privileged with a family dynamic which would become more and more consistently similar over the years. 

Sid Fairgate: I never saw the original series, “Knots Landing”; however,​I habitually watched re-runs and was shocked and saddened when Sid died. I really loved watching him.

Jerry, George and Kramer: I can actually identify with all three; and have lived the lives of all three [but mostly, George and Kramer] from time-to-time; and can truthfully write that I have experienced 80% of the "Seinfeld" show’s jokes and storylines.

Denny Crane and Alan Shore: I love these best friends.  Each are imperfect beings; yet, hard-working, talented womanizers with heart, passion, charisma, and a dedication to loving life.

IF I WERE A ___; I'D BE ___. 

NFL QB: Vinny Testaverde
Actor: Matthew McConaughey
Rock Star: Steven Tyler
Comedian: Robin Williams
Talk Show Host: David Letterman
TV Producer: Mark Burnett
President: Donald Trump
Pope: Pope Augustine

MY FAVORITE FOODS/MEALS [*Before becoming Vegetarian]

-Homemade: *Cube Steak by mother,"Lots"; spaghetti, in Mechanicville, NY, by grandmother, "Scetti-Mama" and Aunt Babe [and "Italian" cookies]; strawberry preserves by "Buffer"; BBQ sauce by Aunt Mary., "Mabis."
-Bread: Aunt Fran's toasted hard roll; Italian, Bella Napoli Bakery, Troy, NY; or popovers, Anthony's Pier IV, Boston,, MA.
-Pizza: My Pie, Miami, FL, Lou Malnati's, Chicago, IL.; or any deep dish.
-*Seafood:  Captain Jack's, Wakefield, RI; or Gene's Fish Fry, Rensselaer, NY.
-*Fried Chicken: Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga Springs, NY.
-*Pork Chops: Keyes, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

-*​​Steak Sandwich: HVCC Steak Shack with Uncle Johnny.
-Milkshake: Vanilla; Friendly Fribble or Mel O's, Los Angeles, CA.
-Waffles: Waffle House or Belgian waffles.
-Cookies: Icebox, Golden Krust Bakery, Troy, NY; or Chocolate Chip, Freihofer's Bakery, Albany, NY.  Aunt Babe's Italian cookies; Aunt Meade's sugar cookies.
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Top 11 Most Memorable Kisses [In chronological, primarily; and at times, memorable order; and 11 was my mom’s birthdate]
1. My mom, “Lots”: The first time, every time, and all the time.
2. My dad: The remarkable times; and the first time, in a fatherly, elderly, Italian way, he kissed me on the lips.
3. My First Dog, Coco, Shimmy, Nugget, and even Sadie: However, “Nuggie Buggie" mostly; but,  recently, Sadie, who I babysat and used to sing to her: “Sadie is the best-est that there ever was…except for Coco, Shimmy and Nugget.”
4. ​Jennifer: In Kindergarten, as featured in “Lots of Promise.”
5. The Upstairs Mirror: Also featured in “Lots of Promise”; where I used to practice on myself.
6. Anne Marie: My first real grade school girlfriend; when I shyly, fearfully, and nervously asked her, the first time, and each time, while we sat and reclined on a snowbank.
7. My mother’s and father's sisters: All of them.  None of whom were big kissers; but all of whom I love, and I believe love[d] me.
8. The Angel: While sleeping in the birthplace of my mother; an angel awakened me with a romantic kiss.
9. Zenyatta and all the other critters: On Zenyatta Day, I believe the godliest and greatest female racehorse and mare, ever; after calling her name, she kissed me!
10. Marina, "Polar Bear": After a spiritual marriage, my spiritual wife of 6 days.
11. 1,000+ Women: I love women and I love kissing.

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