Recently, Satan; who is a hater, stealer, liar and destroyer has been attacking and warring against me. In recent weeks, he has spearheaded the theft or loss of many of the creations, knowledge, and information of and about my life. I have had lost or stolen my phone, laptop, email account and information computer hard drive. I sensed it would not be long before he came to attack my very life.

In a time on Earth when the Catholic Church, in which I was raised, has instituted a new Pope; Francis, the name of my earthly father; and being the holiest week in the church, which included “Palm Sunday” on March, 24, 2013; in addition to the airing of a record-setting program called The Bible on History Channel;
I realize now, it is a time of war.

Personally, I have been either willfully choosing sin, trapped by it; or attacked by it. And on the morning, of Tuesday, March 26th; sin attacked my most-gifted mortal possessions; my life-loving heart and my knowledgeably-intelligent mind. When I arose, and exited my bed; I nearly succumbed to black-out and I believe death.

Truthfully, I could not move more than a foot, before becoming light-headed to the point of unconsciousness and at the time of this writing almost a day, later, I still can not move. When the pain and suffering of not being aware what was overcoming me and being out of it’s control; I prayed to the Lord God for moments of life so I could regain my footing and think. I did a thoughtful and meditative check, as one who has always been very astute of the workings of my body; to assess what destruction was being done. That is when I realized; as one who began studying years ago, upon the irregular heartbeats; that a couple of days ago, my heart beat was uncontrollably strong and unnaturally irregular for about 10-seconds. In addition, the two nights before, I was cognizant of a sharper pain on the left side of my neck. In fact, that morning, pain was beginning to stretch down my left arm. I couple these remembrances with the extreme, extreme dizziness, and the nausea, chills and clamminess all which indicate I am having, have had, or are going to have a heart attack.

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