GOD'S PERFECT 10 DIET PLAN                                                                   Printable Version

Keep in mind, there are only two ruling dynamics in the evolution of the created human body; and those are genetics and environment. That means it is genetically possible to have either a positive or negative bodily disposition, at birth, as it pertains to having a healthy and near-perfect body. The other governing factor in the health of a human is their environment. That includes a person’s geographic location, financial situation, and other environmental factors. The bad news is you may have bad genes or a poor environment. The good news is that regardless of your genes or environment, the following godly laws overrule and will lead you to a successful diet and perfected body.

Rule #10:

-Do not eat meals at scheduled times. Simplistically, this is habit forming and many people develop a habit of eating when they are actually not hungry, but do so only because “it’s time to eat.” Eat only when you are starving to eat. This starvation not only disciplines a person and changes their mindset about food and eating, it also shrinks the stomach and gradually, a person will not have to eat as much to achieve that satiated “full” feeling that is the desired effect for most people when they eat.

As well, as the age-old adage reads, “Do not eat before bed time.” Not only is your metabolism slowed, thus burning less calories as you sleep; but by disciplining yourself you can also sleep through the hunger and thus not feel the effects of the hunger, essentially fasting in a way. Improperly, many people eat before bed using food as a sort of comforting sleeping pill. This too is an addictive, bad-habit forming, course of action.

Rule #9:

-Sacrifice: this means let yourself get in the good habit of being hungry for awhile before you actually eat. It benefits a body to suffer in hunger before eating. Not only does this program your mind and body to better balance your diet regarding the amount of food a person eats, but the greater patience you show will have you eating less frequently as well. Impulse and greed are killers to a diet and to humanity itself. Finally, fasting is the greatest and most effective form of sacrifice. It magnifies all the aforementioned positive effects of dieting and eating. First and foremost, fasting is extremely spiritual. And since all creation began as spirit and a spiritual being; fasting serves to perfect a human being second only to the creative process itself.

Rule #8:

-Drink a lot of water before your meals. It has always been reported that drinking a lot of healthy drinks, especially water, is good for a person’s health. It not only cleanses the system, but drinking water before a meal, or when hungry, serves to curtail and limit a person’s appetite.

Rule #7:

-Do not eat “fast food” and avoid the “drive thru”…There are two reasons for this: Firstly, fast food is obviously unhealthy regarding calorie, fat and sugar content.

But secondly, “fast” food is generally eaten quickly or fast. This rapid intake has a multitude of negative effects. The first is: the faster you eat, the more you can eat. Secondly, the faster you eat, the less disciplined you will be as to what you eat both at the time and down the road. Thirdly, the faster you eat, the more you will need to eat to curb your hunger. Lastly, never eat when driving. This is a negative for two reasons: One, there is usually a great amount of thought that must go into driving and a greater amount of stress. Stress leads to rapid eating, lack of discipline, and increased intake. Two, people actually should concentrate on their diet and additionally have actually gotten into accidents while not concentrating on their driving or even as an unhelpful passenger. Any physical injury caused in a car accident can only be harmful and detrimental to a person’s health and diet. The injured cannot exercise.

Therefore, the rule here is simple, whether you eat in an automobile, restaurant or your home or anywhere; always eat slowly.

Rule #6:

-Eating can be as destructive a disorder or an addiction as any mental, emotional, or spiritual condition. In this ruling, concentrating on the mental and emotional conditions of a person; one should be warned not to eat as an answer or escape to and from boredom, stress, anger, loneliness, and especially lack of or loss of love, and most especially self-destructiveness.

Rule #5:

-Don’t eat fat and sugar. Fats are found in animals, so don’t eat anything with fat. And while some plants, nuts, beans and grains can be fatty; these are acceptable and natural fats. Sugar of course, is a plague to the body. Of course, some natural sugars are acceptable. But refined sugar is truly destructive. Think of it, since sugar decays a boney tooth and if bones are the framework for the body, the foundation of this human temple; then at the root, it is plainly deteriorating and destructive. Truth be told, much like it was later confessed that cigarettes are an implement for carrying the highly-addictive drug nicotine; and you may well read this here first…sugar is an addictive agent placed by companies and persons in food in order to keep consumers and people addicted and purchasing those products. Sugar is a drug; refined, complex, plain and simple.

Rule #4:

-Don’t do drugs—that includes alcohol (beer, wine and liquor), tobacco (cigarettes or cigars), caffeine (coffee or soda), or stimulants (“energy” drinks). There is no doubt, that many drugs have large calorie counts; but more so, the highs and lows, the ups and downs of drug use increase appetites dramatically. In addition, laziness and slothfulness are byproducts of drug use and lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Rule #3:

-Walk. Of course, if you run or exercise, or participate in sport, essentially burn calories, you will perfect your conditioning. Certainly, any kind of manual labor or working-out is of greater benefit. Still, it has been said, “the most important piece of equipment in the health-club is the appliance in your kitchen.” Truthfully, you don’t need to do more than just walking and talking; or simply loving your neighbor and telling them God loves them is the best “exercise” possible.

Rule #2:

-Do not kill. God created all life. In fact, in Biblical text; He actually created animals before He created humans! Even evolutionists believe that humans developed from animals. And while that is a falsehood; truth be told, God created all life to live and not die. God created all vegetation for animals and humans. In fact, the original human and animal diet was to consist of just fruits or the blossoms of plants so that not even a plant is uprooted, or killed, or dies; that is how much The Lord God, The Creator, loves life! He did not create animals to be food. Animals are created beings and have the same components (spirit, heart, mind and body) that humans do. They are not meat or food.

Basically, if dieting is reducing fat; then obviously the best way to reduce fat is to not eat it. And there is only one creation that has more fat than the body of dead animals and that is man and the man made fats he and she produces. Truthfully, the good and positive creation of man that is the most revolutionary (and evolutionary) at this time in existence, is the manufacture of “meat-like” products using soy. There have been good and tasty products that simulate turkey, ham, bacon, steak, chicken, hot dogs, veal, bologna, pepperoni, and even fish. And every day, in goodness and righteousness, lovingly creative men and women are developing new products that are meat-like. Simply, regarding “meat”; “we don’t need it to survive and we don’t die if we don’t eat it.”

Rule #1:

-Do not read any other literature, studies or diet books. For every study, there is a financial or deceptively destructive plan designed to get you to partake in the companies or person’s food or drink. Everyone thinks they know what works; but in truth, only God, The Creator, does.

Keep in mind; human beings operate in the following inborn negative ways: to begin, if you are uneducated or unknowing of the rules (as you were before you began reading this), you will break the rules. Secondly, once you learn these rules, you will be tempted to break the rules. Thirdly, if you give into the temptation, you will basically become “addicted” or develop bad habits and habitually break the rules…ultimately, you will not better your condition, but worsen it...

Positively, once you learn the rules and live by the rules; you will perfect your body, guaranteed. Secondly, you will always be tempted to break the rules; however, once you resist this temptation, you will strengthen yourself and become more disciplined and thus, you will form good habits that become harder to break and the temptations will become easier to resist. Ultimately, you will be stronger than the temptation and the tempter; and he will go elsewhere. Truthfully, and you have likely heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Truth be told, you will actually change and recreate your being whereby you are completely renewed and who you are as a human being will be defined by your diet. You will be granted the power and right to shape and mold your body, as your Creator did…perfectly. You will become a master of the body given you with the food and drink that was here on Earth before you; rather than be a victim and a slave to the food and drink that once consumed you. You will not live to eat, you will eat to live.

God promises…Not only will He rate your body on a scale of 1-10, you may do the same as well, meaning…you may rate your body a “5” if you follow 5 of these rules and a “10” if you follow all of them. Guaranteed, you will lose weight and perfect your body. You will be, in one sense, a “perfect 10.”

In addition, the more perfect you are in following the rules from #10 to #1, in successive order; you may additionally rate your body in reverse, numerically. That is, if you are disciplined in following the last rule, number ten, you can rate yourself a “1.” But, if you upgrade, discipline yourself, and graduate to the first step: number one, you should be pleased to give yourself a “10.” And guaranteed, God promises, you will also look like a 10, in time.

Lastly, this is God’s Perfect Diet Plan. Every other word or book will mislead you or destroy you. Do not read or believe in them. Believe only in God. He created and made you in His perfect image; and your body is a temple to His Holy Spirit.

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