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​President Trump/Republicans:

I was blessed to work in strategy and analytics, in sports and show business, with men President Trump knows like former MGM CEO Gary Barber and Mark Burnett, producer of “The Apprentice”, Mr. Vinny Viola, owner of the Florida Panthers, and Mr. Billy Walters, legendary gambler.



Please click here or above to see my appearance regarding this plan


I.  God is love and life.  Every plan and policy should be vetted through the principles of love and life.​​

II.  The devil primarily attacks those whom he doesn't already possess. Therefore, since President Trump
is under the most attack from the political weaponization of the government​, it stands to reason he is the godliest choice of all the presidential candidates.  

III. The male was ordained to be the head of the household, not unlike the nation.  A female president, especially a Democrat female will be disastrous.  President Trump enhanced his faith with Vice President Pence, it's time expand the spiritual order and join forces now and tab a female as VP.

IV.  Democrats are deceived into thinking they are right on issues. It's not that they don't care, it's just that deception has the left believing they are right. Additionally, their or any beliefs which are anti-God, anti-Christian, or anti-love, or anti-life, are counterfeit.  ​

​V. An effective way to unite or coalesce a country, is to point out or when that country is under attack from an outside entity, not unlike the Earth was threatened by comets in the films, "Deep Impact," and "Armageddon." Whether that is World War III, or an alien invasion, or natural disaster, citizens connect when something "bipartisan, threatening and [un]timely" dominates their minds and choices.

VI.  ​The USA is the "Second Coming" of the Roman Empire. However, the Holy Roman Empire fell and now the Unholy Roman Empire exists in the US, but "it will not collapse under my watch."

VII.  Wars on multiple fronts, as in Ukraine, Israel, and the Border, led in part to the collapse of the Roman Empire. The US needs a wartime President who is strong vs. Satan, experienced vs. evil, and dominant vs. dictators. Which president, Trump or Biden, appears and seems to be more of a warrior, general and Caesar?

VIII.  The greatest role of the President is not only as the Commander in Chief, but more so a figurehead who is representative of which gender and race rules and empowers the citizens of the United States.  ​


I.  90% of what we advise, and plan will be godly accurate, 10% is open to debate and the advisement and planning of The Republican National Committee and President Trump.
II.  Election Day, in the USA, needs to be a national holiday.  It will dynamically increase voter interest and turnout for the most productive, prosperous, and populous of the Republican demographic.
III.  The way our capitalistic nation is constructed, the president needs experience and expertise in the following four categories:

A. God / Faith
B. Government / Politics
C. ​Business / Economy
D. Sports, which is the new religion and church in the country and to keep us, the US, competitive. ​​​​​
E.  Personality [Citizens want to like their President, he has to be "a man of the people."]​
IV.   Climate change is real. It is inherently destructive to burn our own planet. The US should have developed solar energy during the Industrial Revolution and centuries ago.  However, "real or not," just like President Trump was right about building a wall to safely protect the nation and the Democrats now realize it; which leader is best suited to faithfully and governmentally run the business of energy which will keep the US safe, profitable and competitive?
V.  Governor Gavin Newsom has JFK appeal and talent, he will probably defeat President Trump. Therefore, President Trump needs to face Joe Biden and insure Biden's false sense of secure success.

Mark Burnett produced the shows "Survivor," and "The Apprentice."  The strategic key to winning "Survivor" is the forming of alliances and the sooner the better.  Right now, set a precedent and announce a female [preferably younger and attractive] as the VP and work as a duo/team moving forward, perhaps even appearing on-stage during the next debate, or in some counter programming.
II.  It's not productive enough to appear on pro-Trump Fox Television. President Trump should proselytize, appear, and campaign on liberal media outlets, also, just as Governor Gavin Newsom did and does very effectively. Anyone can lead their own team on their home turf or ground, but a victor and champion wins the war by defeating the enemy in enemy territory.