Mark Anthony DiBello - Entry
      [Featuring select photos from "Lots of Promise"]
"Lots of Promise" is the true story of a comedic, God-gifted athlete who must keep a trio of promises to his mother....

...It is also the story between a new coach and a "walk-on" player.

In 1982, at the University of Miami, Marc Trestman became a volunteer graduate assistant for the Hurricanes. That year, Mark DiBello "walked-on" as a wide-receiver; but he also worked-out as a quarterback since he was a natural-born leader; studied the position since age-8; and threw the ball as well as other QB’s on the team like Bernie Kosar and Vinny Testaverde.

In 1983, Mark’s beloved mother was in a battle versus cancer. DiBello knew the one coach to call. While Mark's mother insisted she would be okay and he go play; Coach Trestman suggested to Mark football would be there for him, again, one day. That fateful season, Mark forfeited going back to school as his mom died and the 'Canes went on to win their first National Championship.

In 1985, Mark returned to play; this time at tight-end. By season’s end, he was granted a scholarship, only to have it rescinded as he was declared ineligible due to the season he bypassed.  Following the 1985 Fiesta Bowl, Coach Trestman told DiBello his game wristwatch would have greater meaning as time went by.  It did.

In 2002, after 17-years apart, at a Monday Night Football game, in Oakland, DiBello reconnected with Trestman to renew and re-work a football relationship based on DiBello’s development, years earlier, of using godly high-powered analytics delivered through a Game Management Coordinator or “GMC.”

In 2009 and 2010, the CFL Head Coach credited his former player with helping him win consecutive Grey Cup Championships.

In 2013, after 10+ years of offering Trestman prophetic and powerful www.NFL-ESP.comreports, Trestman was hired by the NFL Chicago Bears.  DiBello immediately traveled to Chicago to congratulate the coach, attend training camp, and implement the “ESP-Extended Strategic Principles” system. However, due in part to DiBello’s faith, new Bears General Manager Phil Emery and Trestman rejected DiBello and his highly-accurate and advanced system, and hired a more familial former Division III quarterback for the very position DiBello devised decades earlier. Yet, in his devout attempt to win an NFL title; DiBello continued to supply reports, but was discredited by the Bears organization. 

In 2014, DiBello ceased submitting NFL-ESP reports and the Bears finished 5-11. Emery, Trestman and the GMC were fired.

In 2015, at the start of the season, NFL-ESP offered a final report projecting the Denver Broncos as the highest power-rated team that season; and the team least in need of analytics. Ironically, the Broncos would hire the former Bears GMC. DiBello continued to predict the underdog Broncos would win Super Bowl 50. They did.

In 2018, DiBello made a final offer to Trestman; he rejected it. 
Coach Trestman and Mark  DiBello no longer communicate.  

As of 2019, most professional teams now use an albeit inaccurate, unproductive version of the concept created by DiBello in 1990.​

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