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God bless.
This is Mark Anthony DiBello of DiBello Production Company, a 501 [c] [3] non-profit and
Our company works in the areas of: SPIRIT-SPORTS-SHOW BUSINESS.
Thank you for watching my recent and third appearance on "Dr. Phil."  Please keep in mind, I appeared for these reasons:
1. To preach. Therefore, ask yourself these 5 questions: "Do you know God?"

2. To successfully help Georgia, who is evil-minded and inexperienced in modeling and show business, appear on her favorite show.  Also, successfully, help Marina, from formerly communist Russia, live in the USA and work as a DJ. Therefore, if you'd like to work in show business, you may email or sign with us, here:
3. To unite the races and instead of protesting and rioting in the streets; dance in celebration of love, life, joy and peace.
Thus, you may watch and listen to our protest anthem featuring Michael Jackson and Rob Thomas [Matchbox Twenty].​​

4. ​To offer a FREE $50 in our sports contest or help you make money, in sports, at

5. To invite viewers to see exclusive, never-seen-before, videos from The Minister and King of Reality TV, Georgia and Marina.

6. ​To meet and marry a woman and start a family of my own.  To that end, you may view my dating profile here

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