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 A Match Made in Heaven
God bless.  Welcome to the reopening of "A Match Made in Heaven" dating and marriage ministry.

This dating and marriage ministry was created by Mark Anthony DiBello. It is a ministry of non-profit DiBello Production Company Incorporated.

Our sole purpose is for The Lord God to unite singles, dating or engaged couples with the plan of proposing, or renewing vows, on the man's birthday and marrying on the woman's birthday; since The Creator made the first man on the day of mankind's birth; and the first woman being created, on her day of birth, to be the man's wife.

Father God is Father Time and we trust this unique one-of-a-kind ministry will help you trust The Lord to use these dates and leave it to divine intervention when pairing couples, and planning engagements, so His will is better accomplished versus men and women who can or could never seem to meet or marry the perfect mate.

In addition, by marrying on the woman's birthday; theoretically, ceremonies should take place relatively equally over the course of 365-days-a year; thus reducing the supply and demand on overpriced, overcrowded, and certain overly popular and common wedding days; again, since marriage was created to be the free and divine union of a man and a woman.

Furthermore, any costs for our dating, wedding, and event planning ministry service may be written-off as a tax-deductible charitable donation using EIN/TAX ID# 82-231-9635.

Lastly, our Marriage Testament declares couples shall never marry in fear of buying each other's love or divorcing over it.

​NEXT WEDDING:  To be announced.

UPDATE: We are now accepting inquiries and reservations for weddings on or after December 18, 2023 - Las Vegas 

CONTACT: "A Match Made in Heaven"​


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