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                                1984                                                                2016 
                                                                                                MAY 2022                        TO                     AUGUST 2022                                    
              SEPTEMBER 3, 2022                                            MOMENTS LATER                                       LATER THAT DAY       
                 OCTOBER 7, 2022                                              OCTOBER 8-13, 2022                                 OCTOBER 17, 2022  
          NOVEMBER 28, 2022                           NOVEMBER 29 - THE NEXT DAY               DECEMBER 27 - JANUARY 27, 2023
   SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 / MORNING                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 15, 2022 TO PRESENT
The father and first-born son get presidential recognition for charity works.
JULY 21  TO SEPTEMBER 13                                                SEPTEMBER 13 TO OCTOBER 5, 2022
Super Bowl Sunday speaks of suicide.  Please contact many to prevent murder.  Clearly, the wrong person jailed.

 DECEMBER 27 - JANUARY 27, 2023                        FEBRUARY 12, 2023                                       FEBRUARY 15, 2023
                     CONTINUALLY                      TO                    SEPTEMBER 2022                                   
                                                                           The abused and brainwashed dad thrown, illegally overmedicated, hit...
...neglected and threatened meal loss.  There's evidence abuser is a murderer.  
                                                                                                                                                         Son fights to save Veteran dad.
Abusive petitioner who had son falsely-arrested, a year into marriage, again tries to isolate and control victims.
Dad pleads for financial protection.                                                                                  Dad calls 750-times for info/help.
The son services, but the abuser steals.  Dad feels unsafe with murderous wife.   First wife/mother died in 1982.
Honoring dad with 90th B-Day video.  Sad dad lost on son's whereabouts.   Holidays spent alone for both men. 
               NOVEMBER 17, 2021

​Father, born in 1932, commends    and blesses son for belief in God  and for honoring and helping his    dad days before 89th Birthday.