The 10 Constitutional Commandments

These Constitutional Commandments form your Government.

Your Government consists of your State. Your State is represented by your Senator.

There are no Governors.

Your House represents your State and Government. Rule and represent your home as you would want your State and Government to rule.

Rule #:

1. You have a Creator: He is God.

You evolve as a human. The “Theory of Evolution” is false and should not exist in education.  Follow these Rules. Be good. These rules are good.  Live free of the belief that your education, leading to your job, with the goal of making money is your goal in life. Your goal in life is to be good and do good for your fellow man.

2. Your family is first.

Your time is more valuable than your money.  Being a fan of entertainment and sports is not more important than you or your family.
Entertainment is to be used as a form of communication and is to be used for good.  Sport is a form of play; and play helps man survive in nature and versus self-destruction and extinction.

3. “God…” and “Jesus Christ” are not swearing words; they are Names.

The most powerful things you have are your choices and your words.

4. A “work week” is six days; not five days or seven days.  On the seventh day go to church and rest.

5. Everyone has a father and mother. Fathers: rule the lives of your wife, children and home.

Life is a gift. The greatest gift a person gives is life.  Take care of senior citizens and keep them socially secure as they kept you before you were an adult.

6. Your goal in life is to never kill; it is to die having never killed.

You should not create, own or use weapons or violent games.  You should not eat animals.  The “death penalty” is immoral and illegal. Abortion is immoral and illegal.

7. In marriage, a man should only have sex with his wife; and a wife with her husband.

8. Don’t steal or take. Give a tithe of 10% of your income to churches or charities.

Pay a tax of 10% to your government.

9. Don’t lie. Always speak or tell the truth.

10. Don’t be jealous.

You should have a house. Homelessness is not a crime, but everyone should have a home.  You should work for your own food, clothing and shelter.  The keys to marriage are love and trust. There are no grounds for divorce unless a husband or wife is unfaithful or cheats; in which case, they should be forgiven. If you don’t believe you can forgive; then you may choose to divorce.

The Rights

You have the right to be free and this includes freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. These freedoms include…

The Freedom of Religion: God rules the Government. The Government does not rule God.  This is a Christian nation, based on this Constitution.

Freedom of Speech: In addition to the rules above; the most meaningful three words in existence are: “I love you.” You should never speak hate.

Freedom of the Press: The government cannot govern themselves. A person’s power against a bad government comes from the power of the press; not the government.

The Golden Rule

It is your personal responsibility to do to one another as you would have done to you.

The Last Commands

Love God and follow this Constitution.  Love one another as you love yourself.
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